We took care of the packaging for some food products made in the confiscated property: the labels for the honey, the nougat, the hazelnut chocolate, and the original confection for the beers.
cascina caccia

We developed the corporate image of Cascina Caccia, designing the logo, the business cards, the brochure and the various materials available on site to tell about the Cascina's history and activities .


We collaborated in the production of the documentary Cascina Caccia, by Davide Pecorelli and Simone Bauducco, part of the series La storia dei beni confiscati in Piemonte ("The history of confiscated assets in Piedmont"), care of the press office of Acmos and Libera Piemonte.

Cascina Caccia Video

For all editions of the music festival Armonia, we designed and realised the thematic stagings and the communication materials.