We curated the communication of the demonstrations in remembrance of the victims of the mafias, organised in Piedmont, designing the posters and postcards and materials for online communication.
libera contro mafie libera contro mafie

We created the materials for an informative campaign in the schools of Piedmont on gambling. Based on the results of a study by the Regional observatory on the phenomenon of usury, we elaborated data sheets and materials adapted to younger people, featuring definitions, data and useful information.


On the event of the yearly demonstrations dedicated to Vito Scafidi, a student who died at the Darwin high school in Rivoli on November 22, 2008, we created the postcards for the campaign "Un fiore per Vito" (A flower for Vito).


We curated the image of several editions of the national contest "Regoliamoci" for the primary, secondary and high school, preparing the communication materials and gadgets for the final award event, and realising the winner board games of the 2008 and 2009 editions.

regoliamoci regoliamoci