We designed the Foundation's logo and we manage its corporate image, developing their headed paper, business cards, brochures, roll-ups, membership cards, and their social reports.
benvenuti in italia bilancio di missione

We design and manage the graphics for Benvenuti in Italia's School of Politics, a cycle of fortnightly conferences focused on current events and trends, making the presentation posters and the materials for the social media. The title of the 2015-2016 edition is "TOgether - Benvenuti in città" ("Welcome in town").

together - 1 together - 2 together - 3

The title of the previous edition was "Alimentiamo il futuro" ("Let's feed the future").

brochure posters

We devised the communication for all of the Foundation's social campaigns. Among these, one of the most important was the campaign "8x1000 - mandalo a scuola" ("8x1000 - send it to school"; 8x1000 refers to donations to charities from income tax), dedicated to school building safety.


In 2015 we managed the communication of the initiatives "Arance Frigie", a campaign for the use of mafia-free and gangmaster-free oranges during the Carnival of Ivrea (that features a "Battle of the Oranges"), designing the posters, social media communication, and the badges for the "fighters"' coats.

arance frigie

In 2013 we designed the social media campaign against the purchase of F35 fighters.