We developed the graphic design of the "risotto" product line, covering the different package typologies: the labels for the glass vases and the cellophane bags.

We designed the brand for the rice wafers, including the realisation of the package and the still lifes.

rice wafers

When designing and laying out the general catalogue, the objective was to rationalise and value the presentation of a rich and well-articulated product range.

gli aironi rice

For the "drinking rice" we studied the die-cut and the design of the labels and collars, and conceived the launch ad. Particularly for the rice beer: from the logo to the labels, including the Xmas special edition, the labels for the grappa and the photo shoots for the ad and packshots.

biglia rice beer

For the gliAironi company store we designed the name, logo, sign and launch ad.


Along the years, we curated the creativity for the campaigns related to events, novelties, promotions, etc.


Special care was given to the search for technical solutions, layout and presentation of the special Xmas and Valentine's Day packages (name, packaging, inner cards, presentation brochure, photo shoots.)

christmas valentine's day

Special joint initiatives with the IED of Turin: for these events we conceived and designed themed posters.