Starting from 2010, we curated the image of Risteco's project "Eating City International Platform": logo, brochure, stand-fitting materials for events and convetions, gadgets and press ads on trade magazines.
Risteco Eating City Eating City in Turin

Special care was given to Eating City publications: from the covers on public catering to the realisation of the box set for the "Eating City Media Collection" series, featuring the DVD and the book on GMOs.

Media Collection Proposal Paper Series

We curated the graphics for the project "L'Educazione Ambientale Entra in Mensa" ("Environmental Education Enters the Canteen"), an activity connected to the catering services for primary schools and hospital children wards, designing the stickers for the sorting bins and the canteen trolleys.

Fliers & bins Trolley & stickers

In 2010 we curated the communication for the project "Ristorazione sostenibile con i prodotti bio" ("Sustainable catering with organic products"), implemented in Italy and France, designing the brochure for the families, the convention materials, and the ad for trade magazines.

Multilanguage posters Multilanguage brochure